Temperature monitoring and recording in cold rooms

Temperature monitoring requirements vary depending on the industry, internal guidelines and cooling infrastructure. But one thing always applies: manual temperature checks and records are time-consuming, expensive and incomplete. Problems are often only recognized when it is already too late and the paperwork makes it difficult to trace later.

LineMetrics supports you in your professional quality management with automated and standardized temperature monitoring. Save on personnel costs and record temperatures reliably and in compliance with the law (e.g. HACCP, GMP, EC Regulation No. 852/2004, etc.).


  • Seamless monitoring – even at night or at the weekend
  • Establish traceability and fulfill legal recording obligations
  • Avoid damage to goods

Automate temperature monitoring and make it audit-proof

A complete solution with which the entire existing cooling infrastructure can be retrofitted.

1. record temperatures

Wireless sensors with a battery life of up to 5 years can be placed in any refrigerator. They record and transmit measured values from -100° to +180° every 5 minutes.

2. transmit measurement data

The wireless base station (gateway) collects measurement data from up to 1,000 sensors/cold rooms throughout the building (range of hundreds of meters) and transmits it to the cloud via mobile radio.


3. recording and alerting

All measurement data is stored securely and permanently in full resolution in the cloud. Individual dashboards and analyses, alerts, reports, data export and much more are easily possible.


Seamless monitoring and documentation

The values collected are recorded 24/7, stored indefinitely (including audit trail) and can be exported at any time.


Avoid damage with warning messages

Immediate alarms in the event of critical measured values or doors left open enable problems to be identified quickly.


Extreme radio range, completely network-independent

Cold room walls are easily overcome. Data is sent to the cloud via mobile radio; no IT/network is required.

Sensor calibration according to current standards

DAkkS/ÖKD calibration or according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 are possible for an even more precise determination of the temperature values.

Food trade and production

LineMetrics enables automated, HACCP-compliant recording, documentation and analysis of refrigeration temperatures and thus supports quality management processes in food retail and production. All critical control points can be integrated easily and wirelessly.

In the event of critical temperatures, an immediate notification is sent so that a timely response can also be made in the evening or at the weekend. Additional sensors warn if doors are not (properly) closed.

Company canteens, catering and gastronomy

The monitoring of critical control points as part of a HACCP-compliant QM system is often difficult to implement in catering establishments – due to the sometimes hectic operation and the lack of awareness of the problem among the staff on site.

Monitoring temperatures and doors with immediate notification of problems can take the pressure off staff, reduce paperwork and provide security during audits.

Pharmaceutical industry and laboratories

With a measuring range of down to -100°C, LineMetrics can be used for almost all pharmaceutical production processes and the storage of highly sensitive raw materials, medicines, vaccines, laboratory samples and blood products. Continuous data acquisition and storage ensures compliance with GMP guidelines and internal QM specifications.

Calibrated sensors (e.g. DAkkS), immediate alerts for critical measured values, audit trails and the monitoring of refrigerator doors help to minimize damage and liability and to impress during QM audits.

Pharmacies and pharmaceutical (wholesale) trade

LineMetrics makes it easy to ensure GDP-compliant distribution and storage of medicines and compliance with pharmacy operating regulations – both for chilled goods (2 to 8 °C) and ambient goods (15 to 25 °C). Temperature deviations are reported immediately in order to be able to react in good time. Permanent, reliable documentation supports quality management audits.

In addition to refrigerators and storage areas, loading ramps and airlocks (e.g. for night deliveries) can also be monitored wirelessly.

Logistics and refrigerated containers

The high scalability and flexibility of the LineMetrics solution enables particularly efficient use. With its enormous radio range, a single gateway can cover entire buildings, company premises or even large construction sites. Wireless sensors can then be placed anywhere and transmit the measurement data reliably.

This means that the existing temperature monitoring can be extended to additional storage areas/compartments or temperature zones, rented refrigerated containers or outdoor storage (including humidity monitoring!) at any time.

“I have tested various systems. None is as easy and flexible to use in the monitoring of cooling systems as LineMetrics.”

Reliably monitor all critical control points

24/7 online access to current and historical measurement data – with LineMetrics (desktop & app) you are always ready for internal and external QM audits.

Clear dashboards that display the most important measurement data at a glance can be created individually. All measured values from the available sensors can be displayed in the form of bar/curve diagrams, dial gauges, etc. and can be combined and designed as required. Color-coded areas show immediately whether the measured values are within the desired or critical zones.

Warning messages can be created for individual ranges/limit values and provided with a trigger delay. This means that no warning is sent if critical values are only briefly exceeded. A second condition for triggering a warning can also be configured. Alerts can be sent by e-mail or SMS. The recipient, subject and message can be easily configured individually.

In addition to the online evaluation, it is also possible to automatically generate monthly reports in PDF format. These reports provide a clear summary for each measuring point on an A4 page and include a description/name of the measuring point, overview chart, statistical values (minimum, maximum, data availability, etc.), notes and audit trail.

Note important information, for example, causes of deviations (“door left open” or “cooling unit failure”) and measures taken directly in the chart next to the corresponding measured value. This means that every employee knows the background immediately and the measurement data can be easily traced even years later.

Current and historical measurement data can not only be accessed online via the desktop, but also via the iOS/smartphone app at any time. The individual measuring points can be selected in the menu or simply displayed by scanning the QR code on the sensor. Ideal for employees and on-site service calls: pre-stored repair instructions, checklists etc. are also accessible via the app and enable even more efficient work.

All events (alarm messages, offline status, etc.) and changes made by users (threshold values, sensor names/locations, e-mail addresses, etc.) are permanently logged and can be found using the filter function. This makes the system and the measurement data easier to understand, monitor and fully traceable.

Flexible user authorizations enable frictionless collaboration within the team, across departments and also with external stakeholders. While administrators have all rights, normal users can only use or make selected functions and settings. Guest accounts can only call up measurement points assigned to them.

Automated algorithms continuously check the status of the monitoring solution and whether it is actually transmitting measurement data. In the event of an impairment – for example due to empty batteries, a power failure or defective hardware – immediate notification is possible. This offline alerting is freely configurable and helps to minimize any data gaps.

All measurement data and audit trails are stored permanently and tamper-proof on LineMetrics servers in German-speaking countries. This ensures that all requirements relating to storage and documentation obligations are reliably met. Irrespective of this, this data can also be downloaded at any time via data export and saved locally.

All data is encrypted end-to-end and stored and processed exclusively on multiple redundant LineMetrics servers in ISO-certified high-security data centers in German-speaking countries(more information). Furthermore, LineMetrics does not require any access to the company’s internal network. A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can be used for self-sufficient operation during a power failure.

Plug & play: activation is that quick and easy

It couldn’t be simpler: no need for technicians, IT department, company network or cables. The solution is up and running within a few minutes, the first measurement data is online and warning messages for critical values are activated.

Everything included: gateways, wireless sensors, batteries, installation materials, instructions and online access will be sent to you.

Always there for you: Our Service Center is available online around the clock. You can also contact us by e-mail, chat or telephone.

Questions and answers from the field

A socket (220V) for the gateway, a screwdriver (if the sensor is to be screwed on) and ideally a smartphone to be able to check the functionality immediately.

The solution can be expanded at any time to include additional company locations and sensors – whether for temperature, energy consumption or other measurement data.

The temperature sensors are tested by the manufacturer as part of the QA process. If you require a calibration, e.g. according to DAkkS, we can have this carried out for you at an extra charge.

The wireless sensors are simply placed or mounted at the location to be monitored. They are suitable for refrigerators, cold rooms and freezers.

The measurement data and the audit trail are stored permanently in our high-security data centers, but can also be exported and archived in your environment at any time.

Sensors can be easily removed and placed elsewhere as long as they are within the radio range of a LineMetrics LoRa gateway in the same account.

It doesn’t matter whether you operate LineMetrics in Germany, the UK, Portugal or Romania – the solution works the same way throughout Europe!

WLAN offers higher data transfer rates, for example for watching videos, but only a short range. LoRa radio offers only a low bandwidth, ideal for measurement data, but an extremely high range and building penetration. A single LoRa gateway can sometimes cover an entire village. Find out more here.

The LoRaWAN standard specifies high security standards for secure communication. Messages are only transmitted via radio in encrypted form and decoded or checked for validity on the LineMetrics server.

LineMetrics only offers LoRaWAN certified sensors.

No. LineMetrics is not a hardware dealer, but the ideal solution for anyone who wants to focus on their business rather than on IT issues. This simplicity in the installation and use of the solution is only possible if the hardware and software come “from a single source”.