Sensor data for sustainability & ESG initiatives

Sustainability is right at the top of the political agenda. The EU is constantly expanding its ESG regulations to ensure transparency and progress in the areas of environmental, social and corporate governance.

Sustainability efforts are nothing new in the real estate industry, but this kind of pressure to act was previously unheard of. Starting from the financial sector, asset managers are under pressure to take concrete steps now despite numerous uncertainties.

In addition to mandatory reporting, ESG measures promise to increase value and reduce risk: future environmental standards are easier to comply with, CO2 pricing can be reflected financially, sustainable tenants pay higher prices and ensure lower vacancy rates.

But the basis for this is often missing, especially in the real estate portfolio: DATA! LineMetrics makes it possible to easily record sensor data in the inventory and thus implement ESG initiatives more efficiently.


  • ESG regulations are becoming increasingly important and are constantly evolving
  • Data basis for optimization and reporting is missing, especially in existing buildings
  • Manual data collection is extremely inefficient
  • Real estate value and rental income are increasingly influenced by ESG criteria

Automated recording of ESG-relevant sensor data

Plug & play solution for recording any sensor data, existing systems can continue to be used.

LineMetrics Cloud
Device management, reports, dashboards, archiving, alerting and API

Sensor data in existing systems
Enrich reporting tools, energy management, ERP, CAFM & Co with the measurement data


ESG-relevant data available at the touch of a button

Automatically and seamlessly record and evaluate measured values and transfer them to any existing system.

Verbrauch und Kontext

Make better decisions, optimize sustainably

Data-based analysis and optimization. Document success and savings automatically.


All sensor data with an all-in-one system

Measurement technology, data transmission, evaluation, data storage and much more in one system. Only one contact person for all questions.

LoRa Funk

Retrofitting existing properties wirelessly

Wireless sensors and gateways with SIM cards make cables and IT superfluous. Roll-out via plug & play by employees on site.

Power consumption

Record and optimize electricity consumption

Consumption data and therefore costs are often only available as total values for longer periods, for example in the course of billing the energy supplier. This means that it is not possible to read current values and trends, to monitor the success of optimization measures or to show individual areas, departments or tenants separately or to allocate consumption to those responsible.

With LineMetrics, new measuring points can be established at any point. The consumption data and numerous other parameters are recorded continuously and in fine granularity by MID-compliant measuring devices and transmitted wirelessly to the LineMetrics Cloud.

Read existing gas/water/electricity meters

The manual reading of gas, water and electricity meters is very labor-intensive and can therefore only be carried out selectively. Only a few data points are therefore available. Current consumption values are completely missing or have to be estimated. Recognizing trends, identifying potential savings and benchmarking is therefore de facto impossible. Replacing them with modern smart meters would be too costly and would therefore only take place very slowly.

With LineMetrics, it is possible to automatically read around 90% of the most diverse existing meters. Measured values that were previously not read out at all or only at long intervals become available at 15-minute intervals. This data opens up new insights, enables up-to-date reporting at the touch of a button and forms the basis for optimization.

Existing gas meter

Optimize heating, cooling and ventilation

HVAC systems are by far the largest energy consumers in buildings and are responsible for massive CO2 emissions. These systems are often set up once and operated on this basis for years or even decades – regardless of the climate, room usage, conversions or employee preferences. This can not only have a negative impact on the productivity and well-being of employees, but can also mean that a lot of energy is wasted.

LineMetrics creates multiple levels of transparency here: the continuous recording of the room climate, the utilization of areas and HVAC parameters enables comprehensive insights, analysis and optimization options. This allows each room to be heated, ventilated or cooled on the basis of current values and actual usage behavior.

Significantly reduce the risk of infection

Aerosols (airborne particles) can be contaminated with viruses and pose a risk of infection (e.g. Covid-19). The German Federal Environment Agency confirms that CO2 sensors can significantly reduce this transmission risk. They sound the alarm at critical values and enable targeted ventilation. Humidity (ideal: 40 to 60%) also plays a key role: it reduces the survival time of viruses and the time they remain in suspension. It also supports the mucous membranes in the defense against viruses.

LineMetrics enables simple and continuous monitoring of the indoor climate at any point in the building. This lays the foundation for targeted measures and monitoring their success. In addition, the improved working environment can be demonstrated to tenants, which enables corresponding rental agreements and higher income.

Limiting the survival time of viruses
Young people with face masks back at work in office after coronavirus quarantine and lockdown.

Reduce the risk of legionella

Legionella can be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal, especially for people with a weakened immune system. The pathogens multiply particularly in lukewarm water in pipes. If this contaminated water is then used without sufficient heating, there is a health risk. ESG-relevant risks are the result: liabilities, restructuring work, loss of income, loss of image and value.

Previously, flow/return temperatures had to be checked on site. Temperature sensors directly on the pipes enable seamless monitoring and better adjustment of the systems. The LoRa radio also penetrates thick cellar walls and enables reliable alarms for critical values or, in the case of liability issues, proof that all requirements have been met.

Contain leaks and building damage

Leaks in water pipes often remain undetected for a long time. Enormous damage, the waste of valuable resources and the risk of mold with the associated health hazards are the result. Other liquids that are necessary for building operation can also be monitored: Diesel tanks for emergency power generators, cooling liquids, various storage tanks, etc.

Leakage sensors, which can be positioned anywhere and in hard-to-reach places, provide early warning of problems. Flow meters with anomaly detection (artificial intelligence) can achieve similar results. Real-time alerts enable immediate action to be taken and can thus massively reduce environmental risks.

Avoid leaks
water leak drop interior office building in red bucket from Ceiling and flow on terrazzo floor

Making real estate portfolios “ESG-ready” with sensor data

Plug and Play

Plug & Play solution

Quite simply: cables, networks and IT projects are not necessary.


Fast roll-out

Retrofit properties quickly and efficiently wirelessly.

Bestandsgebäude nachrüsten

Retrofitting across Europe

Easily upgrade real estate portfolios – no matter where.


50+ use cases

A system with a wide range of ESG-relevant measurement data.


Extreme radio range

LoRa radio can cover entire buildings – right down to the basement.

All-in-one System

Maintenance-free operation

LineMetrics ensures that operations run smoothly.

API Schnittstelle

API for data integration

Integrate all measured values into any existing system.


Scale at any time

Start simply, expand flexibly with new use cases/locations.

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