Digitization opportunities in facility management

Facility management is under high operational pressure from the company management. The department, which is often understaffed, is tasked with maintaining day-to-day operations at low cost while also carrying out a number of complex conversion and expansion projects. Issues of strategic importance, such as increasing employee productivity, are therefore left out and the role of facility management as a better “janitor” is thus cemented.

With the LineMetrics monitoring platform, existing buildings can be retrofitted wirelessly and the opportunities of digitalization can be easily exploited. Any building data is recorded and displayed “live” on a central platform. This enables data-driven optimization and the positioning of facility management as a competitive factor.


  • FM is seen purely as an administrative function and cost center
  • High efficiency pressure & COVID-19 leave little time for new, strategic topics
  • Digitalization and IoT as a great opportunity, but retrofitting too costly so far

The leading platform for existing buildings

Long-range wireless sensors record data for over 50 use cases. These are transmitted to the LineMetrics Cloud via mobile communications and can be analyzed there or transferred to other systems via API.

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50+ Use Cases

50+ use cases in one platform

Enough of isolated solutions! The LineMetrics modular system enables a wide variety of use cases to be combined and can be easily expanded at any time.

All-in-one System

Complete system: sensor to cloud

LineMetrics combines measurement technology, data transmission, evaluation, data storage and much more in one. You only ever have one contact person for all questions.


Simply retrofit wirelessly

Wireless sensors and gateways with SIM cards make cables and IT superfluous. Simple, Europe-wide roll-out without reception problems.


Add to existing BMS at low cost

Add new measuring points and applications to your existing building management system: easy to integrate and inexpensive – also as a rental model.

Energy Efficiency

Increase efficiency, reduce costs

Running operations as cost-effectively as possible is often the most important goal in facility management – most key figures/KPIs are cost-oriented. Building monitoring provides the necessary data and facts – seamlessly and in real time – that are needed to optimize operating costs.

Proactive and digital in technical FM

Malfunctions in technical systems such as elevators, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. can be annoying and also very expensive. The FM often only learns about this second-hand and then has to react quickly and “play firefighter”. Energy consumption, fault LEDs, signals from the control unit and/or vibration patterns and noises can be recorded in order to detect problems at an early stage, plan maintenance and reduce downtimes.

  • Remote monitoring of technical systems
  • Predictive maintenance – predictive maintenance
Technical FM
in the office Co2 ventilation

Helping to shape the employee experience

Satisfied, productive and healthy employees are crucial to the company’s success. Even if senior management is often unaware of it, facility management makes a decisive contribution to this competitive factor. Monitoring enables objective monitoring of the relevant parameters as well as their optimization and complete logging.

Data-based planning and decision-making

Strategic questions, such as future space requirements in connection with conversions and extensions, often have to be answered without an objective basis for decision-making. Monitoring creates transparency and enables more detailed analyses and better forecasts for facility management. This creates trust at the highest company level.

Data-based planning
Avoid risks

Reducing risks and liabilities

The operation of buildings and facilities entails great responsibility and therefore also risks and liabilities. The health of the users, high costs, legal problems and damage to the image of the owners/operators are at stake. Good risk management not only reduces these risks, but also enables more accurate assessment and planning.

  • Prevent fire damage
  • Recognizing and documenting the risk of mould
  • Detect water ingress and leaks immediately
  • Preventing legionella in drinking water
  • Monitor doors/entrances
39 specific use cases can be found in our

Practical Guide for Facility Managers

Facility Management Practice Guide LineMetrics
Dashboard Facility Management

Everything in one facility management cockpit

All recorded data can be analyzed online in the LineMetrics Cloud and compared across locations. Verbesserungspotenziale und Probleme (Alarmierung per Email oder SMS) werden damit sofort sichtbar.