LoRa Wireless Sensors

The best sensors – tested and certified by LineMetrics – can be combined as desired and recorded building data via plug & play

LineMetrics has examined hundreds of sensors from manufacturers around the world in extensive practical tests. Only the best of these have finally been certified and included in the LineMetrics portfolio. You can flexibly combine these sensors with each other and expand your solution at any time with additional measuring points and completely new use cases.

Die LineMetrics Plattform – Gateway, Cloud, Connectivity & Co – ermöglicht die einfache Inbetriebnahme per Plug & Play. After just a few minutes, you will receive the first measured values in the LineMetrics Cloud – without any specialist knowledge, IT projects, company network or reception problems.

The best sensors on the market in a modular system

We are constantly testing sensors from a wide range of manufacturers. Only the best of the best are integrated into our sensor portfolio.

Plug and Play

Plug & Play activation – only at LineMetrics

Thanks to the LineMetrics platform, you can easily activate sensors and immediately retrieve and analyze the measurement data online.

Enorme Funkreichweite: Ganze Gebäude abdecken

One gateway – many kilometers of range outdoors or hundreds of meters indoors. No comparison with Wi-Fi! More >

Battery-operated with up to 10 years of runtime

LoRa radio is particularly energy-efficient. Battery replacements are only necessary after many years.

The Best of the Best: LineMetrics Certified LoRa Sensors

Highest quality criteria for professional users

LineMetrics is in constant contact with international manufacturers to determine the best sensors on the market. Only when the approximately 40 internal quality criteria – from measurement accuracy to the demanding endurance test – have been met, does the LineMetrics test laboratory give the green light for integration into the LineMetrics ecosystem.

Framework agreements with the manufacturer ensure a continuous supply chain and the highest service levels, so that questions or problems can be responded to quickly and reliably. The subsequent creation of commissioning and installation instructions ensures that even large-scale roll-outs can be handled without any problems. Only then is a sensor “LineMetrics certified”.

Instructions included

Specially created commissioning and assembly instructions, printed and available online.

Includes QR Code Sticker

Scan stickers with any smartphone and read measurement data.

Includes LiSOCl2 batteries

Highest energy density and constant voltage level over the entire discharge period.

Mounting material included

3M VHB adhesive pads and/or screws (TX20) as well as dowels from Würth are included.

Currently in preparation and available upon request

Smoke detector

Level sensor

GNSS Tracker

Micro GNSS Tracker

Do you have any questions or are you looking for the right sensor for your specific application?

Currently being tested in the LineMetrics laboratory

Water Meter Adapter

Retrofitting of existing water meters to read out the consumption.

Bellows Gas Adapter

Retrofitting of existing gas meters to read out the gas consumption.

Soil moisture

Recording of soil moisture, e.g. for agriculture.

Leakage Sensors

Detection of leaks – either selectively or on larger areas.

Distance meter

Measurement of distances, for example to a wall or distance from the ground.

VOC/Indoor Climate

Detection of volatile organic compounds, i.e. unpleasant or potentially dangerous particles.


Detection of noise, vibration, temperatures, etc. of equipment and AI-based detection of anomalies.


Extremely precise outdoor localization or spatial detection of any object indoors.

Pest control

Detection of pests, such as mousetraps with alarm via LoRa radio.


Transmission of a signal that is triggered by the press of a button, e.g. request for cleaning.