LineMetrics Box Data Logger

Data logger for reading out existing technical systems

Recording the status of existing technical systems as well as any sensors – with the LineMetrics Box, this is easier than ever before. 8 universal inputs for analog and digital signals and Modbus RTU ensure universal use. Communication takes place easily and securely via mobile communications thanks to the integrated SIM card and internationally usable data package.


Recording existing systems and sensors

Record operating times, fault messages, etc. from your existing technical systems or simply access measured values from existing sensors.

SIM Karte

Network-independent thanks to built-in SIM card

All data is transmitted to the cloud via mobile communications. Thanks to the worldwide data flat rate, there are no transfer fees. An IT connection is not required.

Plug and Play

True plug & play: Connect to power and you’re done!

Commissioning couldn’t be easier: Connect the data logger to the 220V socket and the connection to the cloud will be established automatically – your data logger is in use!

Hochfrequentierte Daten erfassen

High-frequency data acquisition possible

If measurement intervals of several minutes are not sufficient, the LineMetrics Box can be used to record high-resolution values, for example for peak loads.


LineMetrics Box Data Logger

The LineMetrics Box captures sensor data and statuses, pre-calculates measured values and then sends them encrypted via an integrated SIM card to the LineMetrics Cloud – 24/7 and worldwide. 8 universal inputs (0-10V, condition, edge counter) and the Modbus RTU interface are available for wired connections.

In addition, up to 10 wireless sensors (LineMetrics Wireless, Mesh Network; not LoRa!) can be connected.


The LineMetrics Box Light has all of the above functions, but cannot connect wireless sensors.

LineMetrics LoRa Outdoor Gateway

Smart technology, cleverly hidden

  • 8 universal inputs and wireless operation ensure maximum flexibility in use.
  • Specially developed pre-calculation methods enable efficient communication via the mobile network. Even with weak signal strength.
  • The integrated data buffer stores up to 10,000 values and thus secures your data even in the event of a total failure of the mobile network.
  • Maximum security: The LineMetrics Box communicates in encrypted form – at e-banking level.

Universal Interfaces

The LineMetrics Box supports a wide range of signals. Standard signals with 0 – 10V, digital signals and RS-485 Modbus RTU enable the acquisition of many machines and signals.

Intelligent pre-calculations

Intelligent sampling of values (1x/second) and the calculation of min/max and average values over definable time periods, compress data even before transmission to the LineMetrics Cloud.

For digital signals, the box stores edges locally and transmits the number 1x per minute.