LineMetrics API

Easily integrate sensor data into existing systems


Data integration into existing systems

Whether it’s industry software, ERP, ticketing or workflow tools, real-time sensor data can be easily integrated into any existing software.

API Schnittstelle

REST API: Query measured values in a targeted manner

For specific data queries for longer, precisely defined time periods, our RESTful API offers a proven and easy-to-implement approach.


MQTT: Automated transmission of current measured values

The MQTT protocol offers a very resource-saving way to continuously obtain real-time data from the same measuring points.


No need for your own data hosting

Since you have permanent access to all data in full resolution via the LineMetrics servers, local archiving of the data is no longer necessary.

Extend your software solution with building data (Data-as-a-Service)

Connect your software solution (e.g. CAFM) with the physical world and take advantage of the opportunities of the digital twin building, new sales potential and competitive advantages. The LineMetrics IoT platform for 50+ use cases is already ready and only needs to be integrated. Find out in our PDF presentation:

  • How you can benefit from the LineMetrics monitoring solution.
  • What possibilities and advantages LineMetrics offers.
  • How the implementation via API works.
  • What collaboration can look like in practice.