The easiest way to record sensor data in existing buildings

Optimize building operations based on data, increase sustainability and improve the working environment

All-in-one System

All-in-one system – from the sensor to the cloud

Not just the software, but a complete system for sensor data.

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50+ Use Cases

One platform for all data & use cases

Enough of isolated solutions! Simply combine and expand.

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LoRa Funk

LoRa radio with extreme range (instead of WiFi)

Gateways connect whole buildings from the basement to the top.

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Bestandsgebäude nachrüsten

Simple and scalable commissioning process

Connect Sensors and Gateways with a SIM-Card. No cabling.

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Implement over 50 use cases easily and wirelessly

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Analyze, alert and document – with a complete solution

Implement use cases from data acquisition to analysis holistically with the LineMetrics platform. Ideal for specialist departments or facility/asset managers who want to monitor, digitize and improve individual processes.

Office real estate dashboard

Simple data acquisition

  • Complete solution for sensor data
  • Sensor, gateway, connectivity & co from a single source

Analysis & documentation

  • Analysis on the PC/smartphone
  • Automatic documentation and permanent archiving

Real-Time Alerting

  • Individual Threshold Values
  • Rapid alerting in the event of problems, by e-mail/SMS

Export data

  • Simple download (CSV)
  • Receive comprehensive reports automatically

Retrofitting existing properties can be so easy

Battery Powered Sensors

The large sensor portfolio makes diverse use cases possible. Implement and expand you use cases plug and play.

Gateways and Data Logger

Gateways and data loggers collect data in real-time. The information is transmitted to the cloud per mobile phone data network.

Cloud-based Analyzation and API

All data is stored and can be analyzed centrally or integrated into any system.

It really couldn’t be simpler! Unpack, insert the batteries, position as required – and the sensor data is online.